Highland Packers Store Tour

Home cooked replacement meals
Home cooked replacement meals ready for those in a hurry.


Grocery Selection
A complimentary selection of grocery needs.


Quality Meat
Quality meat is our heritage. Beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry

 Highland Country Markets has it in our 140ft meat counter.


Country Fresh Poultry
When it comes to poultry, we know what we’re doing.


Fresh Vegetables
Fresh vegetables from your local farms when in season.


Ham and Sausages
At Highland Country Markets we smoke our hams and sausages

There’s nothing better.


Fresh cheeses from Ontario and the world
Fine cheeses from Ontario and the world.

Fresh baked goods
Fresh country bake goods daily.

Country Friendly Highland Cafe
Relax for a moment at our Country Friendly Café.

Fresh brewed coffee to your liking and fresh home-style cooked meals.