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We are unique in that we sell mainly large roaster chicken cuts.  Our chicken is supplied to us daily and we never sell previously frozen product.

  • Large Whole Roaster Chickens ranging from 5-6 lbs each
  • Whole Fryer Chickens ranging from 3-4lbs each
  • Whole Soup Chickens ranging from 3-4lbs each

Here is a list of all the individual cuts from the chicken you can purchase or cut yourself from the bird.

  • Bone in chicken breasts
  • Boneless chicken breasts
  • Boneless chicken filets
  • Back attached chicken legs
  • Bone in chicken thighs
  • Boneless chicken thighs
  • Bone in chicken drumsticks
  • Whole chicken wings
  • Chicken drummette
  • Chicken wingette
  • Chicken wing tip
  • Ground chicken (great for burgers)
  • Chicken sausage (made in our own kitchen)

Other cuts that are good for soups and broths would be:

  • Chicken necks
  • Chicken backs
  • Chicken giblets
  • Chicken hearts
  • Chicken carcasses
  • Chicken liver

If you are interested in creating a stir-fry or chicken cesare salad. Then the most popular cut would be the boneless chicken breasts.

If you want to create a kabob then you could use the boneless breast or boneless chicken thigh.  We also offer a wide variety of sauces and marinates.