Grain fed veal cuts

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We take the utmost pride in ensuring that our veal is aged to the proper length of time.  Also has the desired colour and texture.  We also offer the ability to enter our back coolers and pick your own side to purchase.

Veal Leg consists of several different cuts as listed below:

  • Veal inside is used for scaloppini slices and roasts
  • Veal outside is used for cutlets, stew meat and roasts
  • Veal eye of round is used for cutlets and roasts
  • Veal sirloin tip is used for cutlets, stew meat, and roasts
  • Veal hind shank (bone-in or boneless) used for osso bucco and stew meat

Veal Loin consists of bone in and boneless cuts used for a variety of needs.

  • Veal shortloin is the same as beef this is where you get your t-bone and wing steaks. Being veal it is called loin chops.  If you were to bone out the shortloin you would get a veal striploin for scaloppini, cutlets, and roasts.  You also get veal tenderloin for steaks or roasts.
  • Veal rack is the prime rib of veal.  You can get bone in rib chops or roasts cap-on or off.  You can create a frenched rack, crown roast or chops.  If all the bones and cap is removed you then have your ribeye for steaks or roasts
  • Veal flank is used for stew meat bone-in or boneless also great to make ground veal.
  • Veal Front consists of bone-in and boneless cuts used for a variety of needs.
  • When boned out you get 2 main cuts for roasts and possible steaks.  They are blade roast and shoulder clod.  The balance of the front is mainly used for ground veal.
  • Veal Shoulder Arm roast is an item that you get when you leave the bones in.
  • Veal Front steaks are two types the veal shoulder blade steak and the veal shoulder arm steak.