Although we are mainly known for our Fresh Meats we do offer the everyday staples like bread, butter, milk, water, etc.  We have a large selection of flavour enhancers for your Meats, Vegetables, Salads, and Fruits.  Such as sauces, spices, marinates, salad, pickles, beverages, coffee, tea, dressings, jams, spreads, dips etc.  In our grocery section we have a range of categories such as soups, pastas, candy, snacks, canned vegetables, canned fruits, baking, persevering, condiments, dairy, frozen items, rice, toiletries, ice, etc.  We offer in the grocery section unique hard to find items either local or imported from not so well known companies but high quality such as:

  • Local maple syrup
  • Van Dyk’s wild blueberry juice
  • Charlie Bee local honey
  • Essence of Niagara flavored vinegar, flavored oils, and sauces
  • Viride Trapetum extra virgin olive oil
  • Viride Olivella cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Viride vegetables, mushrooms packed in oil
  • Various Cookbooks example Niagara Cooking
  • Gramma’s Summer Kitchen jams
  • Wellesley apple butter
  • A.F. Weber all beef/regular summer sausage (Mennonite style)
  • Ritter Sport chocolates
  • Extreme Bean’s
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