Cash & Carry

Highland Packers Cash & Carry Department is a blend of Wholesale and Retail.  It allows hotel, restaurants, institutions, and individual customers to buy bulk.  Cash & Carry offers a wide selection of items at competitive pricing.  Some of the items you can buy are primals and sub-primal cuts of all species.  You can pick from our cooler bunkers or enter our coolers and pick your own.


Some popular items of our Cash & Carry are:

  • Primals and sub primals species
  • Beef sides, hips, hinds, ribs, loins, and chucks
  • Veal sides, legs, hinds, and fronts
  • Pork shoulders, hams, bellies, ribs, loins


Box Beef or pieces

Blade roasts, flats, eye of rounds, briskets, striploins, prime ribs, top butts, insides


Pork cuts

Hams, New York shoulders, loins, bellies, side ribs, hocks, feet, tails, ears, neck bones

Note: we also offer numerous size hog casings, artificial casings, synthetic casings, spices, salt, netting, and hickory or maple woodchips 


Suckling pigs, BBQ pigs, Chinese pigs, Market hogs

Note: we can prepare it boneless, season it, and place it on the spit you and if you desire even cook them. BBQ rentals are available as well.


Whole Lamb, goat, sheep

 Other items we offer cut up for your convenience is goat stew, lamb stew, beef feet, cow tails, select tripe, honeycomb tripe, green tripe, beef intestines, headskins, and soup bones. 


Located in Cash & Carry as well are all your Raw Pet Foods needs!!


You can refer to our Retail tab on our website for further breakdown of specific cuts and species.